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My name is Peter Thomas and I’m a product designer from London.

Right now I design web and mobile apps for Geckoboard.

I like to about design and code, post shots on dribbble and actually quite enjoy getting .


  • Geckoboard dashboard
  • Geckoboard ios app
  • Geckoboard Visualisations redesign
  • Geckoboard watch concept


Geckoboard is the quickest way to create beautiful dashboards and get an instant overview of your data.

I work as product designer at Geckoboard responsible for evolving UI design, improving and creating flows and features in the product to enable people to quickly and easily create beautiful, concise data dashboards.

Since working at Geckoboard i've also had the opportunity to design the iOS application, work with talented freelancers on rebranding Geckoboard and with senior team members to re position the product and focus the product strategy.

Recently I have designed Geckoboards newest feature enabling Google Sheets users to create visualisations from their spreadsheet data. This feature was the result of user research and strategy work using the "Jobs to be done" framework and offers users a completly new way to create visualisations from complex data. You can read more about the project on the Geckoboard blog.

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  • Huddle login screen
  • thumbnail view
  • Huddle style guide
  • dashboard concept
  • Huddle file details page


Huddle is an enterprise content collaboration app. As a product deisgner I worked to define, document and develop Huddle's design language across web, mobile and desktop. I designed and built UI prototypes and iterated based on user feedback, using HTML, CSS and Javascript to complete finished visual designs and collaborated with engineers to implement UI and document components and patterns.

I spoke about some of the things I learnt designing a UI to scale and handling working with a legacy platform at London event Design and Banter.

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  • Miscellaneous Adventures Homepage
  • Miscellaneous Adventures Workshop page
  • Miscellaneous Adventures Products page

Miscellaneous Adventures

Miscellaneous Adventures is a project by illustrator Andrew Groves. The site is home to seasonal collections of hand crafted wooden things ideal for outdoor adventures, camping excursions and quests.

I worked with Andrew to design and build a new site for his products to make a smoother integration between marketing a selling his work. The site needed to be minimal, but to still have the personality of his brand.

To accompany the main site I also designed and implemented a custom Tictail theme to power the e-commerce requirement.

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  • Cloth and Notions Homepage
  • Cloth and Notions Collection
  • Cloth and Notions Cart

Cloth and Notions

I worked with Cloth and Notions, a new haberdashery company, to design an identity, store and marketing materials. The branding needed to be modern and friendly but with a nod to the history of haberdashery and craft of sewing and making. The site itself is built on Shopify's platform and has helped Cloth and Notions begin trading online.

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  • Little sparrow tea homepage
  • Little sparrow tea product page
  • Little sparrow tea product detail page

Little Sparrow

A vibrant new tea company based in London. Whilst working at Clinic, I was responsible for designing Little Sparrow's debut into trading online.

The site has gained recognition from design blogs such as abduzeedo, and featured in Shopify's top 40 store designs.

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